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I need to open text documents. "page" and keynote presentations also keep in osx, how do I open or install this extension in libreoffice?

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You can't. The only option you have is to save in portable format in OSX (Keynote supports PDF export).

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If you are stuck and just need some of the content of the file, you can rename it to .zip (e.g. example.pages to and unzip it.

The unzipped files will include some PDFs and PNGs which is some of the text and image content of the document.

This worked for what I needed just now, but of course it is not as good as getting the file converted properly on a Mac.

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As an alternative: In Pages, you can open Preferences, and under the General tab, select Save New Documents as Packages. This saves the file as a package (folder) which includes a PDF file, and you can open the folder, navigate to the PDF and open it. You won't be able to edit.

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