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I am trying to watch a streaming service that requires Silverlight 3. Although I installed Moonlight and the browser plugin, I just get a warning that since my URL is Silverlight 3, it may not fully work. But I get nothing.

Are there any plans to support Silverlight 3 in future versions of Moonlight?


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Yes. As a matter of fact, the Silverlight 3 API is considered feature complete in the Moonlight 4 Preview 1 version:

Release Notes Moonlight 4 Preview

Moonlight 4 Preview 1 is the first preview of Moonlight that includes support for the Siverlight 3 APIs and partial support for Silverlight 4 APIs. We consider the Silverlight 3 API support to be feature complete while the Silverlight 4 APIs are both partial and might be missing features.

[From the release notes.]

You can download it here. However, it's possible that some sites do stupid system checking based on your user agent - so it might be possible that you technically could view the content, but the site prevents it from being displayed. Just post the site in question.

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