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1) I found an incredible offer for a 22' FullHD monitor and bought it. I have connected it to my laptop as a second screen.

Doing System>Preferences>Monitors... I can activate both screens and it correctly detects the new monitor's resolution but it only allows me to position the new screen as a continuation of my laptop's screen, and having so different resolutions each other it is quite annoying. One screen is much bigger than the other in terms of available pixels.

Could I make it work so I can have the external monitor only displaying a second workspace.

2) I have also seen that when watching a video in youtube, if I maximize the video that I was watching in the external monitor, the expanded video is seen only in the laptop's screen. Funny.

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Make the switch to XMonad though. You will never look back. :) – Robert Massaioli Oct 13 '10 at 1:20

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The default window manager for Ubuntu is called Metacity. To the best of my knowledge, Metacity treats the multiple windows as one giant continuous workspace.

Alternative window managers may support different behaviors.There are many alternatives to choose from: Alternative Window Managers

For instance, xmonad is a tiling window manager where each monitor is its own workspace.

It sounds like you want something very close the native Ubuntu experience.I'm not aware of the window manager with a workspace per monitor model that is close the native Ubuntu experience.

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