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I'm using Ubuntu 13.10 with Windows XP SP3 Installed as a Virtual Machine, the only way for me to access the internet is using a PPP broadband USB Modem (DWM-156) I am not able to run it in Ubuntu, I managed to install it on XP and get it to work but I don't know how to share that connection with Ubuntu. I googled it and not found any working workaround for me. I tried all types of "Attached to:" settings on my guest OS, but no success (perhaps there is more settings that I did not).

I'm not an expert, so please explain your answer in step-by-step approach.

Could someone shows me an easy way to do that? Thanks!

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This is not a duplicate of my question too: How to share Guest's internet with host on Virtualbox? This question is similar to but not duplicate of mine, because it asks about Windows 7 guest, my question is about Windows XP guest. Also this question has only one old not useful answer. – PHP Learner Mar 13 '14 at 10:15
This is not a duplicate of my question: How to share internet access between Ubuntu and Windows guests OS in VirtualBox? This question asks about sharing internet connection between two guests on VirtualBOX, but my question is about sharing internet connection of a guest with a host. – PHP Learner Mar 13 '14 at 10:30

First Step

  • Select your guest virtual machine in the VirtualBox Manager then click on Settings.
  • Select the Network category
  • Select "Bridged Adapter" in the "Attached to" drop-down list.
  • Boot your VM normally

enter image description here

Second Step

This post should help you too:

Add a NIC to the VM if you haven't attached one already and set it to Host-Only. In the general VB settings, DISABLE the DHCP service for the host-only interface and configure it with the following IP, the last number can be anything between 2 and 254: IP: Mask:

That is everything you can configure there, but your Host needs a gateway too, and that will be DNS servers can be whatever the Host gets, but you can also use the OpenDNS servers.

In the Guest, right click on the interface that provides internet and click on Properties. Go to the Advanced tab and share the connection. This should set the other interface with the IP of and enable a DHCP server on it. It's a bit of a shame that it can't be set on the Host side to use DHCP, but you can do that manually. Using the DHCP option means that the above steps to set a static IP are not needed, they will be overwritten by DHCP. You have to run the dhcp client from a terminal in order to get the complete configuration for use on the Host.

Hope it makes sense.

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This answer do not solve my problem. Also I am confused: In the first step you say that setting the network "attached to" as "Bridge Adapter" and in second step you say that setting it as "Host-Only"!!! Also I tried both settings and no internet connection in Host! – PHP Learner Apr 11 '14 at 20:16

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