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I am connecting to my Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS Server via ssh.

And I want to view my LibreOffice Writer Notes remotely.

I need a way to copy text paragraphs from .odt files to a normal text file.

This way I can read customer reports uploaded via our support web application without the need to download all the .odt files

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Here is a tip that will fits your needs :

First :

Install abiword.

sudo apt-get install abiword

Second the following command:

abiword --to=txt /pathofyour/file.odt

This command will copy all the text from file.odt, and create automaticallyfile.txt` file in the same directory then paste this text.

If you want to view reports, then just use cat file.txt.

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You can use unoconv. To install via apt use,

sudo apt-get install unoconv

To convert a .odt file to .txt file use in terminal,

unoconv --format=txt file.odt

Your converted txt file name will be file.txt at the same location.

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