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Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy) is running inside a Parallels Desktop version 8 for Mac virtual machine (KVM) and has telnet installed for remote access. To remotely access Ubuntu, the Mac terminal application is used. Inside terminal the telnet <hostname> command was used and later on a fakeroot ... to start building a custom kernel.

However when compiling the kernel, cc1 failure output (Out of memory: Kill process) is shown on virtual console #1 (tty1) display and not inside the telnet session running at pts/0 where I need the stdout output.

Update #1

I have read:

  1. How can you mirror the stdout of one terminal to another one?
  2. Redirect console to /dev/pts/0
  3. The console man page

but that doesn't give me enough clue.


How to:

  • remotely access tty1 inside a terminal application?


  • show the tty1 output in the corresponding pts session where the fakeroot ... command was executed?


  • show the tty1 output in all pts sessions?
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