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I am planing to setup a local server at my home that I will use for various entertainment/work tasks. Do you think that installing MAAS and juju is an overkill if I intent to use only one pc?

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@Memelaos What do you mean with overkill? If you mean overload; then perhaps adding specs. you plan to setup would help. – Ahmadgeo Mar 12 '14 at 16:28
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Yes, for one machine MAAS is absolutely overkill.

However Juju can (as of version 1.18) deploy to any Ubuntu Server with OpenSSH via manual provisioning, we designed this feature for cases like yours where you want to deploy services quickly without needing a cloud:

The basic process is you register your machine(s) with Juju via: juju add-machine ssh: for example. And then you can deploy services to your one server (preferably in LXC containers to keep them isolated).

If you had racks and racks of machines then MAAS makes sense, if you have one box or a handful of machines then the manual provider is much simpler to get up and running.

See also:

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will maas even work on one machine? you'd need the maas controller (thinking of having the cluster and region controller on one system) and then what would it manage? :) – roadmr Mar 12 '14 at 18:07
You could put MAAS and all the things it needs into VMs and technically run it on one machine and it's a good way to learn how the components all work and interact with each other, but I wouldn't recommend using that as your day-to-day workload. – Jorge Castro Mar 12 '14 at 18:12
Jorge, do I understand correctly that if I want to use Juju on a single server, you advise the setup mentioned here: My setup would run on a host with btrfs, so the LXC cloning should be cheap. – balachmar Jun 21 '14 at 13:19
@balachmar Very cheap indeed! We explicitly support that: – Jorge Castro Jun 21 '14 at 15:47

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