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I have a cloud server with ~14G of RAM and no swap. However, I occasionally see kswapd0 taking up some CPU when I run top. Why would kswapd0 be running at all if there's no swap space for it to manage?

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It still has a process to check if there's any swap. To reduce it, you'll need to set your swappiness -

edit "/etc/sysctl.conf" as root, then change (or add)

vm.swappiness = 0
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Ok, but why is it using 1% of my cpu? – portforwardpodcast Jun 10 '15 at 23:00

Swap space is only used for data that is not backed by any other file. Data that is mapped from other files on disk ( such as executable programs ) is still swapped to their respective files even if you don't have a swap device.

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