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I'm running Kate under Gnome, in Maverick.

After the last Ubuntu update ran, the "enter" key started acting strangely in Kate. I'm guessing it's trying to auto-indent even though I have auto-indent off.

Settings: settings

But when I'm in a CSS file, and I hit the "enter" key once, the cursor jumps down 2 lines, and indents 3 spaces.

I just use Kate as a text editor (I use it because it has the best syntax highlighting) and I'm at a loss. Any suggestions/ideas are very welcome.

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Under Open/Save → Modes & Filetypes you'll find that the Markup/CSS filetype has an indentation profile assigned.

All filetypes that don't follow the system default will use their indentation mode no matter what you set in the preferences. Fortunately you can just change it to whatever you like (e.g., None).

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THANK you! That's been driving me bananas. I really appreciate it - that worked beautifully. – begtognen May 16 '11 at 16:39

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