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Basically, in Ubuntu 13.10 I can't mount a shared folder via the terminal nor fstabs, yet can access the shared folder via Nautilus and smbclient

I recently upgraded from Linux Mint 15 to Ubuntu 13.10. I have a PC with a shared folder created via Windows Groups, that I could samba via a samba client from my old Mint laptop. But now that I upgraded to Ubuntu 13.10, I can't seem to mount it.

What seems weird to me, is that when using Nautilus, I can access the shared folder just fine (via "Browse Network"), and can also access it directly with smbclient , but I can't mount it with sudo mount , nor can set it to be automatically mounted at boot by adding the corresponding entry to fstab

I'll add more info. In my PC, I have Windows 7. The folder I'm sharing is a specific drive ("D:" in my case). Like I said, when using Nautilus I can open it and access it just fine.

Also, when I try using the samba client, I can also access it fine:

smbclient "//gonzalo-pc/Disco D" -U [Win7 user]

[Win7 user] being my user from Windows 7 in my PC

By executing this command (after introducing the password when it prompts me), I get the smb: > prompt, and by doing dir I can see every folder in my Win7 "D:" Drive, so it works.

However, when I use the following command to try and mount it, it doesn't work:

sudo mount -t cifs "//gonzalo-pc/Disco D" /mnt/share

/mnt/share being a directory I created to set up the mount.

When I execute the above command, I get the following error:

mount error: could not resolve address for gonzalo-pc: Unknown error

I don't know what is causing this, since I don't see how the address "gonzalo-pc" can not be resolved, since it is resolved fine when accessing it via Nautilus or smbclient

Moreover, I can't mount it by adding an entry to fstab either. The entry is the following one:

//GONZALO-PC/Disco\040D /mnt/share cifs username=[Win7 User],credentials=/home/gonzalo
/.smbcredentials,uid=[Ubuntu user],nbrl 0 0

I have a file at ~/.smbcredentials with the following format:

username=[Win7 user]
password=[Win7 password]

I am not sure exactly what is going wrong. In my previous Linux Mint installation, I followed similar steps and could mount it (the exact same shared folder) fine.

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