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I've installed Ubuntu-Alternate 11.04 to use the encrypted feature.

All works fine, but rebooting the system ended up in an error-message:

Error: No video mode activated'

Reading some threads I guess, GRUB wants to read something, especially fonts, from the encrypted device.

Is this a known error and does an solution exists.

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Basically, Grub2 is trying to load some fonts and cannot because they are located on the encrypted partition.

The bugreport + fix are located here :

FIX on comment #24 from Guido Nickels

If you don't want to scroll, just cut & paste :

sudo cp /usr/share/grub/*.pf2 /boot/grub/ && sudo update-grub

Hope this helps

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In the file /etc/default/grub find and turn off (comment with "#") two lines:


After this run update-grub. This method together with the previous advice of jflaflamme was helped me.

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