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Problem: iotop shows small disk writes every 4-5 seconds from chromium. Example output

Total DISK READ:       0.00 B/s | Total DISK WRITE:       0.00 B/s
  258 be/3 root          0.00 B    108.00 K  0.00 %  0.19 % [jbd2/sda6-8]
 7541 be/4 kevin         0.00 B     32.00 K  0.00 %  0.01 % chromium-browser
 7545 be/4 kevin         0.00 B      8.00 K  0.00 %  0.00 % chromium-browser
15042 be/4 root          0.00 B     64.00 K  0.00 %  0.00 % python /usr/sbin/iotop -bao
 7547 be/4 kevin         0.00 B     12.00 K  0.00 %  0.00 % chromium-browser

Things I've been able to find out so far:

  • running iotop with the -p option indicates that it is the actual browser process doing the io, as opposed to an extension or a tab

  • jbd2 and chromium-browser writes almost invariably occur together, and closing chromium gets rid of the jbd2 writes, so I'm assuming they are secondary to chromiums io.

  • In a new browser window, with no tabs open, there are no more writes

Things I've tried which haven't worked:

  • disabling all extensions: no joy

  • killing shockwave flash: funnily enough, this seemed to work on one occasion, but has no effect anymore.

  • relocating chromiums cache directory to a tmpfs! I was sure this would help, but it has not...

  • adding commit=600 to the drives entry in fstab (in an attempt to mitigate the problem when I thought jbd2 was the problem). didn't work.

Any ideas?

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