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Back in the day i used OmniOutliner a lot. Is there something like that for GNOME? Google suggested me Gnome Outliner and a friend of mine mentioned TreeSheets.

But is there something else?

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If you feel comfortable with vim, I suggest VimOutliner.

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For GNU Emacs there is also an Outline Mode. You can activate it with M-x outline-mode. A good example is the Emacs NEWS file (open it with C-u C-h C-n). Different header levels are marked with *.

* Level 1
** Level 2
text between
*** Level 3
more text

You can show all by pressing C-c C-a and show only headings with C-c C-t. The manual has a more detailed description.

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I realize that this is an old post but for the benefit of others who may be looking for an outliner as well, for what it's worth, I've just released a Gtk 2.0 based outliner for Ubuntu and derivatives (such as Mint) called Hiero. It's certainly no OmniOutliner but that said, it's targeted for use by those wanting to draft blog articles, dissertations, etc. (although it can also be used to manage "to do" lists as well). You can read more about it on my blog, Productive Penguin (

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