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I have 12.04 Desktop installed, how do I uninstall Network-Manager and set /etc/network/interfaces as the default file to resolve my network connections?

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If you manually manage your network card in /etc/network/interfaces , network manger will not manage it , it will state "Not Managed"

Suppose your network card is eth0 :

To setup eth0 to static, enter:

open /etc/network/interfaces :

iface eth0 inet static
address ------> Your Ip Address
netmask ------> Netmask
gateway -------> Gateway
dns-nameservers -----> Dns server

To setup eth0 to dhcp, enter:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

The different keywords have the following meaning:

auto: the interface should be configured during boot time.

iface : interface

inet: interface uses TCP/IP networking.

Now restart service :

sudo service network-manager restart
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Dont set network and broadcast in /e/n/interfaces if you dont need it. Of you get it right it usually doesn't matter and if you get it wrong, like you have done and it is easy to get it wrong, you could lose some network confections. The computer is better than us to calculate this. You should also check that the package resolvconf is installed, or the dns-directives will not work. – Anders Mar 11 '14 at 21:06

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