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Following this instruction and using juju switch local for installing on my laptop as local host, I get the below error when I run juju status,why?

error: container "onrea-local-machine-1" is already create

Also, agent-state is pending. see here:

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It seems that a previous local provider instance did not get destroyed properly.

You can destroy the current one with:

# If using juju 1.17.x
juju destroy-environment -y local
# If using juju 1.16.x
juju destroy-environment -y -e local

And then look at the current lxc images:

sudo lxc-ls --fancy

Any that start with "onrea-local" will be ones that juju things it created.

You can remove them with:

sudo lxc-destroy -n onrea-local-machine-1

And so on.

This is a limitation of the local provider, and one what we are looking to fix very soon (the clean destruction that is).

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Thanks, Now I have a new problem: (This is because of reinstalling juju!) | ls /var/lib/lxc => enpty! – mini Mar 9 '14 at 13:41

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