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This is my fstab file after my experiment with it.

proc                                       /proc            proc  nodev,noexec,nosuid                                          0  0  
UUID=140bf3f9-51f1-4894-8aa8-0682f2faccaf  /                ext4  errors=remount-ro                                            0  1  
UUID=f908bcb0-d211-49ac-9980-45822fece574  none             swap  users,sw,user                                                0  0  
/dev/fd0                                   /media/floppy0   auto  rw,user,noauto,exec,utf8                                     0  0  
/dev/sda5                                  /media/sda5      ntfs  nls=iso8859-1,users,user                                     0  0  
/dev/sdb1                                  /media/sdb1      vfat  users,user                                                   0  0  
/dev/sda3                                  /media/sda3      ntfs  nls=iso8859-1,users,umask=000,user                           0  0  
/dev/sda4                                  /media/sda4      ntfs  nls=iso8859-1,users,user                                     0  0  
/dev/sda6                                  /media/sda6      ntfs  nls=iso8859-1,ro,users,umask=000,user                        0  0  
/dev/sda7                                  /media/sda7      ntfs  nls=iso8859-1,ro,users,umask=000,user                        0  0  
/dev/sda8                                  /media/sda8      ntfs  nls=iso8859-1,ro,users,umask=000,user                        0  0  
/dev/sda1                                  /media/Classics  ntfs  nls=iso8859-1,group,users,umask=000,gid=users,user,uid=root  0  0  

Now my partitions mount as read only. There is some problem with sdb1 also, every time i have to press S to boot. Please help me to edit fstab to its default state.

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You can just place a # in front of the line /dev/sdb1 /media/sdb1 vfat users,user 0 0 to comment it out or remove the line.. – precise Mar 8 '14 at 5:52
The mount manual page says: If the msdos filesystem detects an inconsistency, it reports an error and sets the file system read-only. The filesystem can be made writable again by remounting it. So, you can open a terminal and unmount the partition with: sudo umount /dev/sdb1 and then remount those defined in fstab with sudo mount -a – precise Mar 10 '14 at 17:40

For remounting the root file-system with read/write access use:

sudo mount -o remount,rw /

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Thank you very much – user213082 Jul 27 '14 at 6:57

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