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I did a clean install of 12.04.3 but once I run the update manager the system hangs at the Ubuntu ..... screen after rebooting.

I have tried re-installing, updating to correct video drivers, etc. and the system works fine. It is only after I run update manager that the system fails to reboot.

What is strange is that I was not having this problem a few months ago.

I do not know how to troubleshoot this issue, any advice would be wonderful!


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did you run sudo apt-get -f install does it tell you anything? –  JohnnyEnglish Mar 7 '14 at 23:09
it seems that many people are having this issue including me. For now I managed to boot into a earlier Linux version by going into the grub menu and selecting Previous Linux versions. I can boot with Linux version 3.8.0-36-generic. Try to do the same and post back with results. You can see My thread on this issue here. –  Renamon Toast Crunch Mar 8 '14 at 1:49

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