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I have been trying to get an install of Ubuntu 12.04 running on my Mac and have attempted it via VirtualBox and VMWare Fusion 6.

The problem is I need to be able to ssh to the Ubuntu 12.04 from OS X (because I prefer the developmental tools of OS X and want to be able to test websites on more browsers e.g. Safari). This used to work problem free before but now every time I boot up Ubuntu on a bridged network, my entire house network crashes.

I have disabled the bridged adapter now (on VMWare Fusion) and enabled the Private to My Mac (host only) network. Now I don't know how to ssh to Ubuntu 12.04. How would I ssh to Ubuntu? What about the NAT network configuration. Which of these will work and how. (I've tried googling it but I didn't get a solution to my problem).


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try running ifconfig from the command prompt on your vmware fusion VM and then pinging and or sshing into the ipaddress provided from your host –  pzano Apr 17 '14 at 5:16

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