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Bash has a great incremental history search with CTRL+R. However, using that is evidently tied to being in a bash. Ubuntu, on the other hand, has this nice global search tied to the Windows key (in GNOME3 at least), which generates incremental suggestions from all kinds of sources. So I wonder: Is there an extension of some kind which would integrate the Bash history search suggestions into the Ubuntu search suggestions?

So, regardless of the application context I am in, I would like to press the Windows key, get my standard Ubuntu search, but then have that search also include Bash history suggestions. (Which should, when selected, just open a terminal and then execute the selected command.)

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You try ALT+F2? – amanthethy Jul 14 '14 at 8:09
As far as I can see, the dialog which you get for ALT+F2 provides no access to the bash history. – Hans Jul 20 '14 at 18:10

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How about this:

$history | less

then use "/" to search for things, just like you would in vim. if you wanted to get really special you could make an alias for that, or even a little script, and bind a keystroke to it.

press "q" to escape.

How to alias that:

$alias b='history | less'

so now you want to bind this to a key: you could use bind. This command binds our command that allows us to search to be bound the the key press of ALT+SHIFT+W

$bind -x '"\eW":"history | less"'
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Thanks, but AFAICS your approach works in a terminal and with a specific key binding. In a terminal, I can already use CTRL+R to get a wonderful incremental history search. However, I would like to get this search tied in with the Ubuntu (Gnome) suggestions activated through the Windows key. – Hans Mar 24 at 19:56
so you want Ctrl+R bound (assigned) to the super (windows)key? – j0h Mar 24 at 20:33
I don't think so - I have edited the question to hopefully make it clearer. – Hans Mar 25 at 12:29

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