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I have set the flag for automatic reboot of the host when required after an upgrade.

Unfortunately the host is apparently shut down and not restarted. I didn't check the scripts yet, but I checked that the command 'sudo reboot' properly reboots the host.

This is a serious problem. I had to switch off automatic reboot. It is also difficult to test if it works.

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What release are you using? –  Bruno Pereira Mar 7 at 13:48
How did you implement this? –  i08in Mar 7 at 13:48
Do you have a simple way to know the release I'm running ? The mix of names and version numbers is confusing. I didn't implement anything. The unattended upgrade is a package. There is a flag in the configuration which is not visible in the Gui that allows to force a reboot if one package needs it. –  chmike Mar 8 at 20:01

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