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I am running a laptop with Ubuntu 12.04. At work I have a 1080p monitor I attach via HDMI. I notice that if I am at home just working with the laptop screen and then put the laptop to sleep (just by closing the screen), and then bring it into work and plug in the monitor I get sticky edges between the screens (despite having them disabled).

If I start my laptop with the HDMI monitor plugged in, I do not suffer from these symptoms. Ideally I would love to solve the issue of not having sticky edges at all after plugging in the monitor (so I don’t have to restart my machine), but I have had no such luck.

One solution I tried to entertain was just restarting the x server. After googling around for a bit, I learned I can write:

sudo service lightdm restart


sudo restart lightdm

both seem to do the same thing, but lightdm never actually restarts. I just get stuck at the attached screen. Any ideas?


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