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I created a bootable USB with LiLi and the Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS iso and was able to successfully boot from the USB. However, at the point where I tell Ubuntu to actually install the OS (with checkboxes checked to install latest updates for flash etc and the checkbox checked for fluendo mp3) it seems to just hang with the spinning wheel going. I have the netbook plugged into a power source and the ethernet is also connected.

I let this happen overnight thinking I would wake up to the next step in the installation or just that it completed but it was still hanging. I was able to click out of the installer and the os was running, however, I believe it is just running directly from the USB stick and not from my netbook's HD. I also was able to open up Mozilla and get a webpage so I know the connectivity is there to allow the installer to download whatever updates it needed during installation.

Has anyone had this happen to them at all? I didn't see anything in the Eee PC installation documentation here.


I think I may have figured out why I am having issues with my install while if I bail out of the install, the OS appears to still be running.

When I created my bootable USB with LinuxLive (LiLi), in Step 4 I had the checkbox checked to Enable launching LinuxLive in Windows (requires internet to install) which, if I am reading the documentation correctly, means Ubuntu will be virtualized when the machine is booted from the resulting bootable USB.

I wanted a complete install of Ubuntu as opposed to virtualizing the OS on my Windows 7 machine (Asus Eee PC 1018P) and therefore should have unchecked this option in Step 4 of the bootable USB creation in LiLi.

Going to go back and re-create my bootable USB and reboot my machine for the install and see if that resolves my issue.

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Looks like my theory may be incorrect as I'm on the Preparing to install Ubuntu step again and all I have a spinning wheel for the last hour. Unless this is a normal amount of time to install the OS? –  joshua Mar 7 '14 at 0:40

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