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Just upgraded to ubuntu 13.10 to have that out of the way when 14.04 comes.

I am working with an Apple keyboard, which for unknown reasons has alt/cmd keys switched (and a few other weird things). In 13.04 I used setxkbmap to set the settings I needed to have the keyboard work as normal - however, with 13.10 there's apparently some monitoring going on that resets the keyboard layout on any process switch. Which means I can happily type away in one window, use alt+tab to switch to another window, then try using alt+tab to switch back, only to realize that ubuntu has reset the changes made by setxkbmap.

My problem is that I use different keyboards: the apple keyboard and the native laptop keyboard. When the apple keyboard is attached that should be the active configuration - otherwise the native keyboard should be. I don't mind switching manually between the two, but I'll be damned if I have to change settings through a menu that's five clicks away. It's a computer and it's supposed to be used for automating stuff.

So, I'm looking for solutions that will let me use both keyboards (obviously not at the same time) without having to run scripts every time I switch windows.

Lacking that, some way of venting my anger at the developers who did that bad a job of this.

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