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I'm trying to create a tar archive of a folder thisfolder but want to omit a sub-folder named notthisfolder. Can someone show me how to do this? I've tried to tar'ing the entire folder and removing the one I want to omit but that particular folder is 17gb.


I was using tar --exclude='notthisfolder' -zcvpf archive.tar /thisfolder/

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Can you post your tar script? – troylatroy Mar 5 '14 at 23:03
@troylatroy, I'm not sure exactly but the tar script I'm using is only omitting files in notthisfolder but everything else in its subfolder is being included... =( – sam yi Mar 5 '14 at 23:25

Your command is almost correct. Use

 tar cvfzp achive.tar.gz --exclude notthisfolder thisfolder/
  1. Note that the --exclude notthisfolder option goes after the archive name.

  2. Cosmetic comment: when using the z option, you are using gzip to compress your tarball, so name the archive archive.tar.gz and not archive.tar.

  3. Also, /thisfolder/ is an absolute path and points to the folder thisfolder inside the root directory /. For specifying a relative path (to the current working directory), use thisfolder/ without the leading slash /.

  4. As a little tidbit, you don't need to prefix the cvfzp options with a -. One less character to type!

Works for me ;)

$ tree
└── thisfolder
    ├── butincludethisfolder
    │   ├── includefile1
    │   └── includefile2
    ├── file1
    ├── file2
    └── notthisfolder
        └── notthisfile

3 directories, 6 files

$ tar cvfzp achive.tar.gz --exclude notthisfolder thisfolder/
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From man tar:

       exclude files, given as a PATTERN

So, given a directory like this:

terdon@oregano foo $ tree
└── thisfolder
    ├── butincludethisfolder
    │   ├── includefile1
    │   └── includefile2
    └── notthisfolder
        ├── omitfile1
        └── omitfile2

You could run the following tar command to get what you want:

tar -cvzf foo.tar --exclude notthisfolder thisfolder/

That will create which contains:

$ tar xvzf foo.tar 
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It looks like you syntax is wrong.

It should be more like this:

tar -zcvpf /where/you/store/backups/archive.tar /thisfolder --exclude "/notthisfolder" --exclude "/notthisfolder/omitfile1" --exclude "/notthisfolder/omitfile2"

or if the omit files are all in /notthisfolder

tar -zcvpf /where/you/store/backups/archive.tar /thisfolder --exclude "/notthisfolder"

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