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I just purchased a Philips remote control rc-197 with its USB receiver, lsusb recognizes it as:

Bus 004 Device 002: ID 0471:060c Philips (or NXP) Consumer Infrared Transceiver (HP)

Lirc install the software center. Lirc set it up from the terminal with:

*$ sudo su*

*$ dpkg-reconfigure lirc*

Remote Control configuration:

  • Windows Media Center Transciever/Remotes (all)

IR transmitter, if present:

  • None

After I run irw:

*$ irw*

000000037ff07bf2 00 KEY_HOME mceusb

000000037ff07bdc 02 KEY_BACK mceusb

000000037ff07be4 00 KEY_AGAIN mceusb


The remote works well and all buttons.

The problem is that when I restart Ubuntu 13.10 no longer operates the remote control with lsusb is recognized as before, but now I run irw does not recognize, and I have to re-configure it to recognize it.

How I can do to make the remote control is loaded at the start of ubuntu and not have to reconfigure every time you boot ubuntu?.

Many thanks.

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