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I need someones help to my newly installed ubuntu 13.10 64-bit version. So, at first, I will use live session from my USB flash drive that has ubuntu inside. And then after I get back to my operating system, Windows 7, and then it take too long that it only shows "_" repeating with a black background. And then I decided to go on with ubuntu, and I see delete windows all the files and install ubuntu (before that when I was using live session ubuntu, I already searched for how to restore lost files or partition if ubuntu format my hard drive) and then it start installing and I waited and I restarted it on finish. So now here is my problem, I can't restore my lost partition, I already tested any solution on internet. I used testdisk.

After I do all things from deep search, I chose my lost partition then it says "This partition is can't recovered."

What should I do?

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Photorec may still be able to recover some (but not all) data files but it will not recover filenames, paths, or Windows. –  Takkat Mar 5 '14 at 10:29
^Hey Takkat, can you help me with Photorec, I am newbie with ubuntu. –  Lance Mar 5 '14 at 10:59

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