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I have a very large media library on my home computer (12.10) that I want to access on my laptop (13.04) from work/wherever I am. It's too big to keep a second a copy on my laptop via some sort of sync/backup service, so I need an network-based solution. To through a wrench in the works, I want to be able to edit metadata, rate songs, etc, all of which update the files on my home computer (this rules out options like Google Play Music). I strongly believe the solution I'm look for will have one of the two following flavors:

A.) A remote desktop client that supports audio streaming. Teamvewer has no audio support whatsoever and Splashtop costs $2/month for remote access (although it does support audio).

B.) Setting up some sort of file server on my home computer (possibly a virtual machine of Ubuntu Server?). Then setting it up so that my media folder appears as an external drive on my laptop.

My networking knowledge is rather limited, so it's possible throw a third type of solution I'm unaware of. Any help on the matter would be most appreciated.

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