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My problem is that whenever I try downloading a big file (100MB or more), it always gets completed but file is corrupted. I have been observing this when downloading Eclipse IDE. I tried many Eclipse versions, Scala IDE, but all result in the same error.

Is there something wrong with my Internet connection or my Hard Drive?

How to diagnose and fix this problem?

*Update *

i tried using another computer to download the same file on the same internet connection. the file download is successful. so it means something wrong in my harddisk only. i checked the Disk 'palimpsest' report and does show many "read errors" and many "Seek Errors" , many "hardware ECC recovered" . But the "Uncorrectable Sector Count" is 0. Does that mean my disk is a problem but it is a recoverable error? what can be done to recover from these errors?

Update 2

i tried attaching my phone as a USB device and downloaded the file in it. the file was downloaded using wget -c command. The same error occured, i.e. extracting the .tar.gz file failed as there was a CRC error that means Harddisk is OK, and internet connection is OK (see Update 1) , but there is something wrong in the OS? many times i am not even able to apply all updates as the updates also fail for the same reason "Hash Sum Mismatch" plz help!!

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Sometimes it happens due to internet connection. Better use any download manager like flareGetto download big files. – g_p Mar 4 '14 at 20:38
nope, i just now tried with flareGet also, but same kind of error. file cannot be opened. this is the file i am trying to download… – weima Mar 4 '14 at 21:03
i get the error:tar: Skipping to next header gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--crc error gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--length error tar: Child returned status 1 tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now – weima Mar 4 '14 at 21:04
anyone? help please – weima Mar 5 '14 at 7:05
What version of ubuntu are you using? Are you using a wired connection or a wireless connection? Please edit your question with what router you are using. – i08in Mar 13 '14 at 11:59
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I asked him to check md5sum of the downloaded 100 MB file. This comment clearly shows that his file was corrupted or may be chance of bit loss while downloading that file using a specific download manager(flareget).

So try to download that 100 MB file using different download manager.So see this question for the available download managers in Ubuntu which allows you to pause,resume while downloading.

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gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--crc error tar: Child returned status 1 tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now – weima Mar 12 '14 at 19:01
did you login into root account? – Avinash Raj Mar 12 '14 at 19:02
there is enough space in the partition /dev/sda4 611G 225G 355G 39% /data – weima Mar 12 '14 at 19:02
try tar -xf /path/filename.tar.gz command. – Avinash Raj Mar 12 '14 at 19:03
hi @AvinashRaj i got the sha1sum from the site. it is 3b22333939c745257847a5173f288571b7f8f432 but after downloading today i get 76afc0bf2c2cb2c15b558032e24d0381c487a0ae i dont know what is wrong – weima Mar 13 '14 at 15:33

Try to download the large file from terminal using wget

Example: $ wget

This will show you the progress and whether it got interrupted.

If got interrupted; you may resume the download again by adding -c switch as in the following

Example : $ wget -c


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It's a flareget bug

I have been using flareget for months now.It was working properly for some time, but nowadays, after an update or something, flareget corrupts every file.For now, using mozilla or any other browser is your best choice.

The invalid commpressed data error should not appear when you try downloading via browser.If it still does, use wget to download the file using command

wget -c <link>

You can use the following command to decompress the file

gzip -d /path/to/file

If error occurs, use force option

gzip -df /path/to/file

For extra guarranty, you may first want to check the integrity of file using

gzip -t /path/to/file
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You can try pointing the download to another external static memory device like a USB flash drive or maybe even your cellphones SD card. If the download completely loads into the external memory device, then you may want to evaluate your local hardware for inconsistencies.

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What are the facts so far on this issue?

  1. This happens only on big files (You tested this on other files?)
  2. The CRC check fails
  3. Download resumes are not helping either.

I am wondering if you don't have some cache manager or proxy or policy that writes to your open download...

You can try to spot differences using if you can get your hand on the original:

hexdump -C  scala-SDK-3.0.2-vfinal-2.10-linux.gtk.x86_64.tar.gz | head -n20

Have you tried doing the download via an independent internet connection?

Good luck!

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