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I'm trying to debug a memory leak in telepathy-butterfly. I tried to use valgrind, but Empathy does not connect to MSN when telepathy-butterfly is run this way. So, I figured out the only option left is to debug the memory leak by printing object sizes from within the code.

I was able to get all objects (using the gc module) and print their sizes and types. The leak seems to come from a dictionary (or dictionaries), which have no __name__ property, so I can't tell where their coming from. I tried to check all objects in globals(), but it looks like they are not related to the dictionaries that leak.

Since this is my first time hunting memory leaks in unfamiliar python code, I thought it is best to ask for advice. Any ideas?


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While your question is on topic here since you're trying to debug a program in Ubuntu, I think you'll get a better response on the sibling site Stack Overflow, which is for programming questions. – Gilles Sep 17 '10 at 22:27
This question would probably get more good quality answers on – Decio Lira Sep 17 '10 at 23:11

They suggest Heapy amongst others.

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