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I have an Ubuntu server with 3 NICs installed. I have two classrooms. I want to control the two classrooms with IPtables separately. My problem is that I can't (bridge eth0 to eth1) and (bridge eth0 to eth2) at the same time. I'm reading all articles on the internet since a month. Can't get it to work. So what I want is simply something like this: eth0 >>> eth1 = br1 eth0 >>> eth2 = br2

So this way the 2 classrooms won't be detached from the outer network and the central DHCP.

And I can write IPTable rules to br1 and br2 separately.

PS: DHCP is not an option. I need the subnet to stay the way it is.

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Really? Noone? Then I assume, that nobody knows here how to even try! –  petersone Aug 6 '14 at 9:37

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