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I have installed kubuntu 13.10

as I am living in israel, every app that I install is immediatly in hebrew which is very annoying.

I always prefer my applications to be in english and just have the ability to write in hebrew.

how do I change it that everything will stay in english?

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Try configuring the system for English here:

System Settings -> Language Support

This article from the Ubuntu Help explains locales in depth.

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Kubuntu / KDE

The Kubuntu is using KDE System Settings > Locale > Country/Region & Language - Languages tab

enter image description here

By the KDE Country/Region & Language Help


In this tab you can set your preferred languages for the KDE Workspace and Applications to be displayed in.

The list of Available Languages shows what KDE translations are available on your system.

The Preferred Languages list shows the languages that will be used when displaying the KDE Workspace and Applications.

You can add a language to the Preferred Languages list by selecting it in the Available Languages and then clicking on the Add arrow button. You can remove a language from the Preferred Languages list by selecting it and then clicking on the Remove arrow button. You can change the order of preference in the Preferred Languages list by selecting a language and clicking on the Up or Down arrow button.

Sometimes the settings are broken - an older topic from the Kubuntu Forums:*-environment-variables-not-affected-by-quot-System-Settings-quot-gt-quot-Locale-quot

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