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I've just bought a crunchy piece of Asus N550LF laptop.

The supplier claims that it comes with a secondary 16GB SSD drive, however it's neither listed in BIOS, nor can be seen in gparted as a separate disk.

It has a TOSHIBA MQ01ABD100 HDD that doesn't contain such an SSD cache.

I've asked the supplier why isn't it visible and they said:

The cache is integrated on the mainboard therefore isn't visible either in BIOS or in the OS. The Operating System automatically copies the startup files of programs to the cache, so that they can be run faster, so it can not be accessed even for this very reason.

Sounds like BS, but I might be wrong.. I also read here, that AHCI must be enabled in the BIOS in order to see this SSD as a separate drive. In this BIOS however, at the mentioned dropdown I only have the option AHCI, so I guess it's enabled.

Some people claim (here and here that the laptop is advertised with this SSD option but actually isn't present.

So my question is, how can I figure out with Ubuntu whether this SSD unit is actually present in the laptop or not?

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