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Is there a command line tool to show the difference between two BMPs in such a way that it would return the difference in their header values in a human readable way? So, there would be information like difference in width, height, image size, etc.

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Open the terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install imagemagick  
identify 'path/to/image1.bmp'  
identify 'path/to/image2.bmp'  

Sample output:

/home/noah/Pictures/image1.bmp BMP 2515x2520 2515x2520+0+0 8-bit PseudoClass 256c 6.341MB 0.050u 0:00.019
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thanks didnt know about identify, has slightly better info than file – jenesaisquoi Mar 4 '14 at 6:26

You can use file command to get information about multiple file.

file 2.1.bmp 2.2.bmp 2.3.bmp

2.1.bmp: PC bitmap, Windows 3.x format, 640 x 300 x 24 2.2.bmp: PC bitmap, Windows 3.x format, 640 x 300 x 24 2.3.bmp: PC bitmap, Windows 3.x format, 640 x 300 x 24

(since my all three file are of same size but you can find difference in width, hight,depth of your file.)

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