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I am a new Ubuntu, more specifically, Linux user.

I installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS alongside Windows 7 (not using wubi).

When I was in ubuntu I went into Additional Drivers and installed a proprietary driver. It rebooted correctly but when i checked Additional Drivers again and it said that the driver was activated but it cannot be used. Also at the time I had trouble when waking up from suspend, everything froze. I read that I should update my drivers, so I uninstalled the driver that was in Additional Drivers, then rebooted and went into the AMD website and installed the driver from there. I ran the file in the terminal and then .exe installer opened and followed the instructions, then I rebooted.

It rebooted in the low graphics mode. It didnt now what to do so. I decided to click the run in low graphics mode only once option. It opened the console and it told me to log in. I kept putting my username and password and it said incorrect. My username had space between both words, I now realize that linux shortens the username. Bob Smith = bobs? Am I correct? At the time I did not know this so I press CTRL + ALT + F7, to try to go to the desktop.

Instead of loading the desktop it loaded up the console and it said "Starting atieventsd" and something called DAEMON. I stood there a few seconds everything said ok so I pressed Enter, it didnt work , so I held down the power button on my laptop and just when it was about to turn off some text appeared in the console.

How do I fix this? Will this affect my Windows 7 partition? Will this affect the BIOS?

Should I just uninstall Ubuntu 12.04 LTS?

HP ProBook 4530s
 Intel Core i5-2450M 2.50GHz
 AMD Radeon HD 7470m
 8gb RAM
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please, help me.. –  TheEpicSloth Mar 5 '14 at 0:03

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