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I had a working Ubuntu 12.04 on SSD in my PC. Then I needed to use it on a laptop. I took out the SSD disk and put to the laptop instead of its HDD. Now Ubuntu doesn't boot, which means that after loading bios screen the laptop restarts. No unusual messages for me. The last one I quickly managed to see is "Entering multiboot bla bla bla"

I loaded Ubuntu from LiveCD and installed Boot Repair tools, then fixed GRUB, putting it on a partition with bios_grub flag.

  • Order of disks to load from is OK. I have ony SSD and I choose to load from it
  • I tried to switch AHCI/Compatible in bios (in case it helps, though I don't know exactly what it means), switch off Wifi and other devices in bios. This didn't help.

Do you have any ideas how to fix this? Any advices appreciated

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You should not even had to reinstall grub, unless you had the SSD in UEFI mode a new UEFI/BIOS system and installed it in an old BIOS only system. And you do not install grub to bios_grub partition as that is just used for the hidden core.img. In BIOS mode grub is installed to sda, sdb, etc or MBR of a drive. Post link from this: help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Info –  oldfred Mar 3 '14 at 19:31
@oldfred Thank you for the comment. I checked the pastebin link you were talking about and found that my SSD was mounted as /sdb because my LIVECD flash card was /sda. Somehow grub config was to boot from sdb and thus maybe my system failed to do it. when my SSD was mounted as /sda, things worked fine and system booted. That's weird, as I once checked that it was /sda that time and it didn't work. Anyways, thanks for your help, your advice helped me solve it! Sorry if some words dont make much sense, I'm not an expert in these things –  rightaway717 Mar 3 '14 at 21:02

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