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I updated the Google Chrome version, and since Opera has become my default browser.

In Google Chrome, under the default browser settings, it just says:

"Google Chrome cannot determine or set the default browser."

How do I change this?

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Go to System Settings --> Details --> Default Applications

And set Google Chrome as default browser. enter image description here (here chromium in my default browser)

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To change the default browser:

via command line:

 sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser 

and choose the number correspond to google chrome. Now exit and check the problem will be solved from chrome settings(I noticed that a wired thing happen just when Opera become the dfeault).

via GUI:

Click on the dash button in the launcher and search for 'System info'. Then, open 'System info' and move to 'Default applications' section.

enter image description here

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sudo apt-get install galternatives

Open the program from the start menu. On the left, you will have options to change:

Select: gnome-www-browser & x-www-browser

and change these to Google Chrome.

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In Xubuntu

Go to Settings --> Prefferd Applications

enter image description here

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This is similar to Linux Mint MATE: Preferences --> Preferred Applications. –  Trevor Robinson Feb 11 at 18:19

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