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After much reading and unsucessful attempts, I do not manage to send some of my firewall logs to a remote server.

Here is my setup:

The remote server is a synology NAS, on which the syslog server package was installed and is activated; The NAS is functional and receives properly syslog messages from other devices on the LAN.

The logs which I would like to send over to the Synology NAS are firewall logs from an Ubuntu server 13.10, on which ulogd2 is installed. I have no reasons to have doubts about:

  • the underlying iptables rules => the server performs as it should (as a router with 2 network cards and packet filtering)
  • the relation between iptables and ulogd2 => I have no difficulty in logging to a file (/var/log/ulog/syslogemu); logging to a file is functional using either ULOG or NFLOG targets in the iptables script.

Using an iptables script with NFLOG targets, I checked the following in ulogd.conf:

  • the input plugin for NFLOG targets is active
  • the output plugin for syslog is active
  • on the basis of which I uncommented the stack for logging to syslog via nflog in the original config file installed with ulogd2

From there on however, I am lost and do not know how to proceed. Anyone could help?

Many thanks.


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