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My Ubuntu hanged today while it was downloading, as it was unresponsive for long i shut it down forcefully . Later when i switched it on, it was not coming up so i used a live cd to fix the file system after googling for a while i executed following command

sudo fsck -t etx3 -y /dev/sda1

Everything seemed fine it ended with


something like that ,but then i realised my filesystem was ext4 and i passed ext3 to fsck -t option .

i was worried that i might have corrupted my entire filesystem but later when i restarted everything was working fine except for my internet connection . My system was connected to Wifi but i was not able to resolve any IP address , i tried chrome & firefox but no use . i even tried curl but it too couldn't resolve address . But my torrent client was working and downloading properly (This is y i assumed my internet connection is working) . Apart from this i don't think my system is behaving properly it freezes in between and i have to restart again.

This internet thing may be a coincidence ,but my question is did i messed up my filesystem by passing wrong option to fsck -t ,if so how can i fix it .

pls help

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Welcome to Ask Ubuntu! New questions about end-of-life Ubuntu releases are considered off-topic as per the help center. These old releases are unsupported and their use is not recommended. They don't even get updates for newly discovered security vulnerabilities, which makes using them risky. If you install or upgrade to a supported release and this question still applies, please flag and/or comment to request it be reopened. –  Danatela Mar 3 '14 at 9:23
This is general question and not directly related to any specific version of Ubuntu so i think this should be opened . –  user2373881 Mar 3 '14 at 9:29

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