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I want to install Ubuntu on a small ARM-based device (TrimSlice) to control a bitcoin mining device, but I have no need for a GUI. I don't want Xorg, I don't want Unity, no Nouveau, none of that. I want the ability to install .deb packages using apt-get and I want Ubuntu because I'm familiar with it.

I already had Ubuntu 12.04 on this device previously, but upgrading Ubuntu caused the machine to fail to boot. I want to start over with whichever version makes sense, but mostly I just want only a command line.

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Install the server edition, and don't choose to install a desktop environment.

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If you want to have an enviroment with terminal only the you should choose ubuntu server :

You can Download it from This LINK , burn it on dvd ,and start installation.

Here step by step installation guide for Ubuntu server installation .

When you finish this should be your login screen , type your account password that you write in installation , and begin working .

You should be good in commands :)

enter image description here

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nux, your image shows version 10.10. Do you feel the version matters? I'm inclined to use an LTS version, or is there some sort of benefit to using 10.10? – Jason Hartley Mar 2 '14 at 23:29
i would prefer 12.04 , its a google pic – nux Mar 2 '14 at 23:30
i edit it man don't be sad :) – nux Mar 2 '14 at 23:34

You should give a try to Ubuntu netiso. It can be burn in a CD or dropped in an USB. It won't install anything extra, only what you ask for to install, so no extra scruff. You can look for the one that suits your needs in the wiki page.

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