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I'm using multiple LibreOffice profiles; one for normal work, second for some pseudoheadless automation with vncserver and macros, like:

soffice -calc -env':UserInstallation=$SYSUSERCONFIG/'$DIR'/' "macro:///Standard.Module1.SaveResult(\"file://$OUTFILE\")"

It's incredible useful. What's more, I can peek at the current progress with vncviewer any time.

Installing lo-menubar package causes the running second profile try to use Unity's globalmenu, which breaks the whole magic. Is there a way to use lo-menubar as a normal per-user (pre-configurationdir) extension?

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Per Jan's own comment:

Oh, just figured it out: sudo apt-get install lo-menubar unopkg add -v /usr/lib/libreoffice/share/extensions/menubar sudo apt-get purge lo-menubar This install's the extension for profile one (default) only. (I obviously can't answer my own question within 8 hours because I'm new user here :( )

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