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I am running Ubuntu Touch on a Nexus 4. The OS shows "Ubuntu 13.10(r101)". At what time will I be able to upgrade to 14.04, i mean "over the air"? Or how can I upgrade now without loosing my data (music, contacts)?

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It is possible to 'switch' (see Install page), but I would recommend doing a fresh install of Trusty (14.04) beta. If you are trying to keep all data, then you need to backup (and not rely on conversion).

wiki.ubuntu > Touch > Instructions for flashing phone/tablet

I have the new 14.04 beta (build 209), based on AOSP 4.4.2 source code, running on my Nexus 4.

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  1. Connect your phone with your ubuntu PC through USB
  2. Read this for the necessary packages you need on your PC
  3. Open terminal in your PC
  4. Type sudo ubuntu-device-flash --channel=trusty. If you would like the version in development (14.10) type sudo ubuntu-device-flash --channel=ubuntu-touch/devel
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