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Not really sure where to start. Pretty new to both raid and ubuntu so sorry in advance for any dumb questions. well here we go.

Been having some raid troubles lately, I got a raid5 array with 6 drives. basically 1 drive dropped out. /dev/sdf1, i'm pretty sure it was due to a hardware issue. I got it replaced but now its replacement dropped out for no good reason but to be sure i swapped it out to for a spare. anyway long story short. when i reboot now i get:

"errors were found while checking the disk drive for /media/storage" so far i've been skipping to load OS than manually mount it after. mdadm -D /dev/md0 shows it as clean so i'm at a loss on what do try.

sorry for not posting any info. tbh i'm not sure what commands to run to give relevant info.

thanks in advance for any help. I've used this site a lot to solve past issues but this is the 1st time I've had to actually ask a question.

Basically i just got unlucky and the replacement disk was DOA

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