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What's the right way to install Inkscape 0.48 on a Ubuntu Karmic/Lucid/Maverick installation?

There are only older versions available in the ubuntu repositories.

  • karmic: 0.47~pre4-0ubuntu1
  • lucid: 0.47.0-2ubuntu2
  • maverick: 0.47.0-2ubuntu3

I know there is a ppa with the latest version, but this ppa only covers the nightly builds and not the latest stable 0.48 version of inkscape.

Yesterday I tried to compile it on a Ubuntu 9.10 box, but there are too many dependencies so I gave up.

Are there plans to integrate the latest 0.48 release in the maverick packages?

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I found this semi-official looking PPA with backports of Inkscape .48.

Unfortunately the latest version I have in Maverick as of today is .47, the merge for .48 has been approved and it .48 should be in Maverick soonish.

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Are there plans to include version .48 in karmic/lucid backports? – Bernd Sep 17 '10 at 16:45
No clue, you can request it here though: – Jorge Castro Sep 17 '10 at 19:00

The best bet is to find the right ppa. getdeb has inskscape 0.48. This points to another ppa for installation of inkscape.

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There is also always the option of building from source. You can download the tarball of .48 here Then this page will walk you through the compile.

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