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To start off in case that makes any difference: I am doing this from a live-usb-stick of 13.10 to check if everything works before actually installing Ubuntu and leaving Windows behind.

Printing on a network printer

I print via network but the print server only accepts certain usernames. The 'ubuntu' username obviously isn't one of them.

As being forced to call the ubuntu user the same as the user allowed for printing is just a dirty workaround (which I didn't try but assume would work) I looked for a solution, but I didn't find any option to manually set a username in the GUI. So I googled.

Changing the user

I found this bug report #856776 via Use different username on CUPS remote printing

When printing with lp -U username -d printername file.ext everything works.

On the last comment of this issue I found what I believe to be a solution namely adding a directive in client.conf to force the username to something different.

But I couldn't make this work:

  • /etc/cups/client.conf doesn't exist
  • when I create ~/.cups/client.conf and add User bob this doesn't help

I am pretty new to Ubuntu and maybe there is something I forgot. Restart something? Add something else? How can I make this work?

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I believe I solved your problem, my answer is here. Short version: set the "billing info" in the "print menu/jobs".

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I'll try this and report back if it helps. – kraftner Jul 14 '14 at 11:18

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