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No matter which way I produce a live usb, unless I set up a home-rw partition on the hard drive it will not let me login into the Persistent option. System will not recognise the casper-rw or home-rw partitions on the usb stick?

If I do not set up a home-rw partition on the the hard drive, the Persistent boot option always opens at a login screen, at which there is no way to login correctly(or none I have found).

I have used Unetbottin, Live Usb Creator, and diffrent size and brands of USB keys with the same result. I have not used the DD command in the terminal to write the iso to a USB as I cannot figure out how to make it bootable yet.

Currently using a Sandisk USB stick with 5GB Fat32 Boot, 14 Gb ext2 primary casper-rw, and 13gb ext2 primary home-rw.

I can boot into the live version no problem, and it just mounts the other partions as normal, just like it does if I boot into persistent with the home-rw hard drive.

Any ideas?


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did you update /etc/fstab ? Post your configuration, how did you set up your usb? Which version of Ubuntu. And , FYI, just take care are persistence is a cow (copy on write) file system and is, in my experience, error prone. persistence does not really replace a regular install. –  bodhi.zazen Feb 28 '14 at 13:33

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