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I have a machine with two network adapters and I want to use it to share its internet connection to an IP phone (because there's only one Cat5 cable available and while the phone has built-in switch functionality, it doesn't support gigabit speeds).

I would much prefer if the two were on the same network, so I don't want a NAT gateway, but a bridge. I installed bridge-utils and followed the steps described in this guide.

After starting dhclient, the bridge interface gets an IP address from the router (and is accessible by ssh from LAN), but the machine has now no internet access. When I was doing this through the interfaces file, adding a gateway line enabled me to ping IPs outside of LAN, but I could not get DNS to work. Appending nameservers to the interfaces file did not help.

What should I do to enable internet access? I understand that I probably need to add the nameservers into a configuration file somewhere. But where? interfaces doesn't work, resolvconf.d is an unholy mess (I don't know what to do with that), and I don't want to use dhclient config because ideally the machine should have a static IP.

Thank you for your time and your insights into this.

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