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Lately, as I was trying to install themes and stuff for my desktop with Compiz, I enabled the Desktop Cube. I resolved the conflicts, then all the menu-bars disappeared. After a Google research, i found some sites that told to reset Unity using the terminal command:

unity --reset

But there, I got an "AttributeError: object has no 'str' attribute" (I don't remember the exact error, but it was an AttributeError about string), line 83 at if current_profile_gconfvalue.get_string() == 'unity':.

It is easy to correct it, with a "try: ... except:" block, but where do I report it, and where could I help?

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The best thing to do is to report a bug on launchpad, for the Unity package. Before creating a new bug, make sure that a similar bug hasn't been reported yet. A more detailed description of how to correctly report a bug can be found on the Ubuntu wiki

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I doubt such a bug would be useful. There's a reason the cube and all the other stuff in there is turned off -- a bunch of that stuff is untested. – Jorge Castro May 14 '11 at 10:40
It doesn't matter whether it is "useful" or not. It's a bug, and therefore it needs to be reported and fixed. – lmontrieux May 14 '11 at 10:43
unity --reset is supposed to undo all custom settings. If it fails to do so, that sounds like a bug to me. :) – htorque May 14 '11 at 11:36

Unity tracks bugs on launchpad.

The general idea is:

  1. search if it was found before; if so add yourself to the affected people;
  2. otherwise create a bug report and file it.
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