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I have a very simple conky script with the relevant line being:

RAM: $memperc% CPU: $cpu%  ${time %a, %d %b}  ${time %H:%M}  C: ${acpitemp}

But I want to put the little degree sign before "C" in C: ${acpitemp}. How do I do that?

Also, can I have the CPU and RMA to read with two digits? So when the usage is below 10% it would look like 09% and not just 9%.

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For the first part, you can get that sign for Character Map but to make your work easier, here it is


For the second part, you can use $if loop.I don't think there is an easier method. You have to add
$if {{exec sensors |grep 'Core 0' |awk '{print$3+0}'} <10} 0 $endif after CPU:

This will go like this.

RAM: $memperc% CPU: $if {{exec sensors |grep 'Core 0' |awk '{print$3+0}'} <10} 0 $endif $cpu%  ${time %a, %d %b}  ${time %H:%M}  C: ${acpitemp}

You can cgange it according to your needs

NOTE:- If loop will require you to execute commands, which take lot CPU power.

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