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I have been working on a custom Ubuntu LiveCD based on 13.10 x64 for the MS Surface Pro tablet I have been given at work. The goal is not to install Ubuntu on the device, but rather work in a LiveCD environment.

I have been using UCK to customize the default ISO, and I am nearly complete with the requirements, save one really annoying issue.

When the Surface Pro boots to the USB drive, I am presented with the GRUB menu for my list of choices. The Surface Pro keyboard works just fine, allowing me to choose up/down options. Once I press the 'Enter' key, and the GUI launches, the Surface Pro keyboard no longer works. I am forced to use the program 'OnBoard' to have a on-screen keyboard to do what I need.

Oddly enough, this started happening once the following MS Update was pushed to the tablet for Windows 8.1 support. KB2871690
Once this is applied to the Surface Pro, the keyboard issue comes alive.

Does anyone have a solution, driver package, setting change that will get my Surface Pro keyboard working again in the Ubuntu 13.10 x64 LiveCD?

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Been a few days, bumping back up –  user252721 Mar 4 '14 at 17:10

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