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I am trying to get hostapd working and it does not recognize the current wl driver, searching in internet I found that I need to use the new nl80211 driver. I found that my current system does not have such driver module to load since if I run sudo modinfo nl80211 it returns:

 $ sudo modinfo nl80211
 ERROR: modinfo: could not find module nl80211

At the same time I found in my current kernel header a header file of that module:

 $ sudo find /usr/src/ -name "nl80211.*" -print

So how can I get that module working, should I recompile the whole kernel with that module, or is it there a way to compile that module and load to the current kernel avoiding the kernel compilation?

This is my computer specifications:

  • Ubuntu 12.04.3
  • 3.2.0-58-generic x84_64
  • Current driver wl, cfg80211, lib80211
  • lspci -k output:

    03:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM43227 802.11b/g/n Subsystem: Foxconn International, Inc. Device e040

    Kernel driver in use: wl

    Kernel modules: wl

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